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Making the decision to work with a coach is an important one that should not be taken lightly. Information on this page will help you to discern about working with a coach and assessing your current and future needs,

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Not sure if you need a coach? Do you know what your purpose is? This page will introduce you to some critical assessments that will help you in assessing your needs for coaching. Feel free however to contact me to find out how coaching can be beneficial to you. 

Coach Needs Assessment

Purpose Assessment  

Values Assessment 

Empathy Quiz  


Free coaching-related articles and resources are available here to help you in further understanding the coaching process. 


► Coaching for Change 

Why Coaching Matters 

Coaching to Improve Performance and Provide Support

► The Leader as a Coach

What it takes to coach your people

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Shona Bramble is energetic and people oriented . Shona leads without fear and revels in the success of those she leads. She is also a great organizer and has no limit to what she can do. Shona wears many hats. She is a coach, a mentor, has a podcast, very family oriented and lectures frequently at TLI (Toastmasters Learning Institute). Most admirable qualities are her people skills, her organizational skills and her amazing way of organizing her time and always meeting deadline. “I have benefitted from Shona’s coaching services, and witnessed outstanding growth in people who have become confident and outstanding speakers as a result of Shona’s speaking training and speaker service. Consequently I am looking forward to being a part of her speaker training and speaker service and so are any others. 

Maple Benjamin, Retired Educator

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