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Shona Bramble is a coach and communications expert. She is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation and has been coaching individuals since 2019.

She has been training and mentoring individuals and groups for over 10 years in “finding their voice” through effective communication by way of providing guidance to those preparing and delivering speeches and presentations.


Ms. Bramble is an author – she has written a book that catered to the needs of young women, “Letters to Girls who Dream of Flying” and is currently working on other books in the area of communication and finding one’s life purpose.


Ms. Bramble is a motivational speaker & event host – She has delivered numerous speeches over the years in the area of effective communication, leadership and women empowerment. She has hosted events for Empowerment Summits and Women’s Summits.


Ms. Bramble is a public speaker trainer & mentor – She has trained many over the years in the delivery of speeches and presentations. Using her own experiences, she has coached and mentored speakers in learning how to find their voice and winning speech competitions. Through her experiences in the Toastmasters organization, she has earned the highest level of a speaker in the organization – that of Distinguished Toastmasters in 2008.


Ms. Bramble is passionate about people. She is someone who engages with everyone in a very focused way. Using her communication skills and the ability to listen actively, she is able to help others in communicating their needs and desires. She is the ultimate professional in dealing with clients and individuals regardless of their level of competency. 



Shona Bramble is energetic and people oriented . Shona leads without fear and revels in the success of those she leads. She is also a great organizer and has no limit to what she can do. Shona wears many hats. She is a coach, a mentor, has a podcast, very family oriented and lectures frequently at TLI (Toastmasters Learning Institute). Most admirable qualities are her people skills, her organizational skills and her amazing way of organizing her time and always meeting deadline. “I have benefitted from Shona’s coaching services, and witnessed outstanding growth in people who have become confident and outstanding speakers as a result of Shona’s speaking training and speaker service. Consequently I am looking forward to being a part of her speaker training and speaker service and so are any others. 

Maple Benjamin, Retired Educator

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